mapping religious thought space

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 23:27:14 MST

> [] sometimes see
> atheists and fundies cut from the same doctrinaire cloth. My way or the
> highway types.

One sometimes sees political thought space mapped on a line
with liberal on the left, conservative on the right, with reactionary to
the right of right and radical to the left of left, sometimes forming a circle
with radical and reactionary adjacent.

If one does the same trick with religious thought space, then the
liberal believers such as unitarians might be on the left, with the
fundamentalists on the right. To the left of left would be the
agnostic. What is to the right of right? I propose it should
be the dogmatic atheist.

Spud, there really is a lot of similarity between the hardcore
fundamentalist and the atheist, although both are loathe to
admit it. Right? I have seen many godly fundies cross that line,
and become atheist. I know that the line can be crossed in
one day, or perhaps in one hour. spike

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