Re: Essence Vital (was)Ahumans [was Re: Cryonics and abortion- nothappening!]

Date: Sat Jan 22 2000 - 16:47:31 MST

Definetly, a pithy arguement-no pun on the word pithy. I sometimes see
atheists and fundies cut from the same doctrinaire cloth. My way or the
highway types. The debating scociety nerds have little personal appeal for
me. I like the world-weary atheist, who basically gets his/her cajones'
crushed under the wheel of random fate or (God) and then says "screw it".

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> I think by and large atheists are not failure or blaming type people. They
> are usually strong willed and sure of themselves (if not so, how could one
> go
> so against the grain?).
> But going consistently against the grain has it's pitfalls.
> Evangelizing this POV is not as easy as preaching "pie in the sky when you
> die". It offers little in the way of warm fuzzy comforts.....
> I think what happens is they substitute bitter anger for passion.
> Frustration
> arises (since few listen with interest) and we find ourselves turning to
> same tricks the religions use: disdain, pity, humorous attacks,
> insults and sometimes even dogma.
> This stops anyone *really rational* from considering the viewpoint itself.
> Unfortunate.

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