Re: mapping religious thought space

Date: Sun Jan 23 2000 - 05:36:12 MST

Ok. More specifically, the mannerisms, the rigidity of language and tone with
many doctrinal atheists and the fellows who hand out WatchTower. Certainly,
an evening spent with the late Ms. O'hare, Aynn Rand, on one side; and
William Jennings Bryan and Jerry Foulwell would indeed never have been called
a Cambridge Quintet-check please!

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> Spud, there really is a lot of similarity between the hardcore
> fundamentalist and the atheist, although both are loathe to
> admit it. Right? I have seen many godly fundies cross that line,
> and become atheist. I know that the line can be crossed in
> one day, or perhaps in one hour. spike

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