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>J.R. Molloy wrote:
>In addition, don't forget that the US government sponsors anti-male
>legislation -- a statement that most Americans will vehemently deny, just
>most Germans would have once denied persecuting Jews. But if you want
>consider the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) which
>ignores violence against men,
>(end of reproduction)
>I found the references to various studies regarding male and female
>patterns and rates very interesting. I did not realize to what extent
>is female on male violence. Where this is done outside of self-defense
>there is no excuse for it but a key thing here is(at least where a weapon
>not used) that men tend to be substantially larger and stronger then there
>partners and so are in a position of power where they can do much more
>psychological (intimidation) and physical harm.
>John Grigg

The largest study ever done on domestic violence, involving detailed
interviews with 23,000 victims revealed that in 70% of the cases, the woman
instigated the violence. Typically she would keep escalating until the man
responded, at which point the police would be called and the man arrested -
about 98% of the time back then (this was three or four years ago, as i
recall). Since then, due to pressure from ultra-anti-male-feminist groups,
the laws have been changed to instruct the police to arrest the predominant
source of the violence.
The change was introduced to try to increase(!) the percentage of men
arrested, but in fact it had exactly the opposite effect and suddenly a
sizeable percentage of women were being arrested - but still far from the
majority. Then the police started using female officers in the arrests and
surprise, surprise, the percentage of females arrested rose even more - to
about 20%, last I heard.
A lot of violence is done against men who are in fact weaker than their
wives, such as crippled, paralized, elderly, infirm, sick, etc., men, which
is not at all uncommon, as men typically are older than their wives and
generally take more physical risks during their lives. There are a LOT of
cases of serious physical violence against helpless men by wives, but they
are hardly ever reported, and of the tens of thousands of abuse shelters the
study checked on, only seven in the entire U.S. would admit men.
(Now the same feminists who introduced the change in the law are trying to
have it changed back...)

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