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>>The largest study ever done on domestic violence, involving detailed
>>interviews with 23,000 victims revealed that in 70% of the cases, the
>>woman instigated the violence. Typically she would keep escalating until
>>the man responded, at which point the police would be called and the man
>>arrested - about 98% of the time back then (this was three or four years
>>ago, as i recall).
>Have a cite for this study?
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I wish I did; if I had I would've used it, natch. A very large report -
like most of one entire newspaper page - on the study appeared a few years
back in either or both the Orange County Register or the L.A.Times - I
believe both. I recall that there was also some TV news mention. I lost
track of my copy of the report unfortunately, but it shouldn't be that hard
to find.

There was virtually dead media silence following this, however, which should
not be surprizing. Recall that when the news broke from the feds re road
rage, one part of the breaking story - I watched the National Traffic Safety
guy relate this live - was that the majority of road rage attacks came from
young women drivers. I observed at the time that this poor guy suddenly
looked very apprehensive as he stated this conclusion of their study. I
never heard that part of the information repeated anywhere else, although
every professional driver I've asked has agreed that that matches their
experience, and it certainly matches mine - God knows how many times some
young woman in her huge 4-by has almost run me down on my motorcycle.

Bottom line: it's not politically correct (read economically feasible, when
women account for 85% of consumer purchases in the U.S. and the mass media
caters to the purchasers of advertized products, right?) to label women as
potentially just as violent as men, given opportunity.

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