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>Subject: Re: gay dogs(chimps)
>Date: Sun, 12 Dec 1999 20:58:17 -0800
>I heard of this one experiment - it was very interesting. It involved a
>species of monkey (I forget exactly what species) which is very hierarchy
>driven. There is one monkey, male, who is the top monkey, and nobody fucks
>with him. He is the only monkey who gets to mate with the females, and he
>has a special rock that he sits on that no other monkey dares approach.
>took a group of these monkeys, and removed the top monkey from the group.
>They placed him in a room which was separated from the rerst of the group
>a one way mirror. He could see the rest of the monkeys, but they couldn't
>see him. He watched while the weakest monkets of the group mated with his
>favorite females and sat on top of his rock. He went nuts - making that
>insane screaming monkey sound, running in circles. The other monkeys were
>course unaware that he was watching. The experimenters took before and
>blood tests of the top monkey, and various hormonal levels dropped
>significantly after the experiement. I wish I knew what happened after he
>was re-introduced back into the group.
>Zeb Haradon
This kind of research has been replicated many, many times with various
species. Not trying to put you down at all - this is very interesting
material of the kind that ought to be considered in the context of how to
design an upload system.... But there are sources like the abstracts for
experimental psychology that list tens of thousands of experiments along
these lines. "Mounting" behavior is very common among a lot of the monkey
and ape species as a sign of dominance. Dogs also show alterations in
hormonal levels as I recall from the '60's experiments. (I took grad-level
Exp. Psych. in 1970.)
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