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Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 06:12:27 MDT

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    Mea culpa mea maxima culpa. But my flaws don't affect millions of people, do

    Dr. R. Hanson:
    <<It seems to me that you are the most conservative investor there is; you
    invest all of your income in immediate consumption.  You want your returns
    so immediate that there is not time to invest them at all.  And then you
    criticize other investors, who actually take a chance by putting their
    income into ventures that may or may not be successful, saying they should
    take even more chances than they do.  Ever hear of the mote in another's eye?>

    After viewing the behavior of most of the big corporations, with overstating
    by billions the worth of their stocks; Xerox, WorldCom, TYCO, ENRON, EDS, and
    the accounting firms that helped them, I suddenly don't feel so sinful.
    Watching the hundreds of thousands of Information Technology jobs, that have been,
    and are being Off-Shored (A phenomena that an economist might be interested
    in), one can see why there is no recovery, despite multiple interest rate cuts by
    Greenspan's Fed. And the folks who obtain these jobs at 1/10th the pay rate
    that Americans do, cannot afford to purchase goods and services produced by
    American-based firms. They are essentially outside the American economy, and thus
    no American benefits-except the few who sit on boards of directors and tell
    each other how much money they've saved.

    My point is that the same dorks who sit on the boards of directors, and have
    lied to stockholders over stock value; who send high paying technical jobs
    overseas, and thus undermine the American middle class, for short-term benefits,
    don't give a care about technical development, (Plasma Tech in this case)
    because hey, if ya can't dazzle em' with brains, baffle em' with b.s. As Herman
    Melville wrote of his 1851 work, Moby Dick; "I have written a wicked book, and
    feel blameless as the Lamb.."


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