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Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 23:27:55 MDT

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    Kevin Freels stated:
    <<The only IT money left will be for those who design and implement the new
    technologies as they are developed, and those who market and sell it. It
    only makes sense that your only choice if you wish to stay in IT is to
    increase your education in the field, or move into a sales position.
    Of course, when AI is developed, maybe the software will design and sell

    Kevin, I am indeed continuing my education in computing, but I also realize
    that no matter how much I learn and improve, it is not my expertise that really
    matters, but rather the mentality of corporations that send jobs overseas, in
    order to squeeze costs. There will always be someone somewhere who will know
    more, and work amazingly cheaper.

    Regarding sales positions, the lead story of the Wall Street Journal on
    Weds, June 11 2003, was the trend in corporate thinking is to eliminate higher
    paid people from jobs and replace them with lower paid workers. According to the
    article, this is apparently not illegal to do so. This occurred at Circuit
    City, nationally. What I sense from some of the people on this list is a "trust
    in capitalism, not reason" and judging by the behaviors of the corporations,
    this seems to be the case.

    This may be a self-correcting problem, in the sense that when there are not
    enough people to afford to purchase goods and services, a lot of the
    stockholders will demand retribution on the boards of directors, for the decline in the
    value of their stocks, as the economy tanks. Call it The Darwinian Principle
    in action. What is left of the United States after this process completes is
    another story.

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