Re: Was Re: PHYSICS: force fields (RANT)

Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 10:45:25 MDT

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    Rafal said:
    <<### This is incorrect - almost all Americans benefit from the globalization
    of the labor market by being able to buy services and products at a lower
    price. Additionally, the foreign employees of American companies benefit
    from American capital and knowledge, which enables them to purchase globally
    produced goods.

    Freedom is good for you.


    If one has a high-paying job one can, indeed benefit from globalization. On
    the other hand, if hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs go overseas, and
    those being paid are paid at a tenth the wage-level that the American IT
    workers were paid at; there is no way that they, as the "new" workers can ever
    afford goods and services offered by American companies.

    In essence, the "new country" employees are not part of the American economic
    cycle. Its not, as if, the Parent company which off-shores these jobs,
    invests in many new jobs in the US. Why should they, if goods and services are so
    inexpensive overseas? This also leads to the de-stablization of American
    society because skilled jobs are no longer to be had, because of the corporation's
    cost savings. This can't be a good thing and is already and election issue and
    a "class warfare" issue as well.


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