Re: Clint & Robert on "Faith in Science"

Dan Fabulich (
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 15:11:58 -0400 (EDT)

'What is your name?' 'Clint O'Dell.' 'IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!!!':

> I know the laws of probability are real not because I BELIEVE in it but
> because I CAN PROVE IT.

<devil's advocacy>

Ahem. I assert that you cannot prove it. Robert attacked probability on its strongest side... What would you say to this experiment?

I assert that it is completely impossible for you to flip a coin 1 million times and have it turn up heads every time. When I say completely impossible, I mean that it will never EVER happen, no matter how many times you try.

</devil's advocacy>

Of course, I provide no explanation as to why this would be the case. Ockham's Razor (and other reasonable principles) suggest that we should reject my claim. However, these are all *principles*, reasonable though they may be, all of which the above proposal calls into question.

Can you prove that the claim is false by experiment? See you next millenium.


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