Re: clones/'perfect'-mates/self-image

Anders Sandberg (
28 Dec 1998 13:06:21 +0100 writes:

[Responses about why most list members wouldn't want to date clones of themselves]
> do all of the members on this list have self-image problems or what? ; )

Perhaps. But I can see other explanations: a lingering taboo (sacred cow alert! bring forth your weapons :-), a realistic appraisal of one's own image on others or a severe case of humility. Not to mention humor.

Seriously, I think self-image is worth discussing since it relates to one point many outsiders have a hard time understanding about transhumanist thinking: how we can accept and like ourselves and still want to change. To most people the idea of self transformation is about escaping a bad state, not getting to a better state.

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