Re: clones/'perfect'-mates/self-image
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 18:12:31 EST


ok, i am the one who originally posted that admitedly naive posting (somewhat legitimate - someone tounge-in-cheek) about cloneing the 'perfect' mate by simply altering the gender . . .

but i found the psychological aspect of these responses even more interesting than the real "can it be done" scientific stuff . . .

some shared sentiments:

'Why should "someone just like me" be at all psychologically compatible with me?'

'And why should I find myself physically perfect?'

'While I would share my own fetishes, therrte's no reason why I should be
physically or psychologically attracted to myself.'

'If I were a member of the opposite sex I wouldn't touch me with a barge
pole....a can be a complete neurotic nightmare......knowing this, I wouldn't want to get together with a clone of myself as they would be the same, and surely my clone wouldn't want to be with me, for the same reason........'

'furthermore, why would one consider an opposite gender clone any
more sexually attractive than a sibling? i wouldnt consider my clone particularly sexy. surely i can do better than... me.'

do all of the members on this list have self-image problems or what? ; )

P.S. somebody asked: "(Isn't this thread getting silly? Or perhaps it was utterly silly from the beginning.)"

It WAS silly from the beginning, but still an entertaining idea..

Everybody knows that the best way to create a perfect mate is simply to upload your mind into one of those 'real dolls' like Howard Stern has sitting in his studio... ; ) (apologies for the reference to anyone who doesn't get the E! entertainment channel)