RE: clones/'perfect'-mates/self-image

Billy Brown (
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 08:55:22 -0600 wrote:
> do all of the members on this list have self-image problems
> or what? ; )

Speaking purely for myself:
No, I just tend towards a literal interpretation of 'perfect'. I'd get along pretty well with a sex-reversed duplicate of myself, but I can imagine much better possibilities. In particular, I think the ideal mate would have strengths and weaknesses different from my own - its nice to have someone who can cover for you on your weak spots.

Besides, 'perfect' also implies a level of physical attractiveness that is rare in any group. We might have one or two people on the list who like their own appearance that much, but surely no more. There is a big difference between 'I look OK' and 'I'm drop-dead gorgeous and I know it'.

Billy Brown, MCSE+I