Re: Staying Awake Drug?

From: James Rogers (
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 22:07:44 MST

On 12/23/01 12:25 PM, "Patrick Wilken" <> wrote:
>> From: James Rogers
>> The basic operational subtlety from a military standpoint is that
>> amphetamines prevent sleep, whereas eugorics eliminate the need to sleep.
> Of course this is very unlikely to be true. Sleep, while perhaps
> irritating, is likely to play important functional role(s) (e.g., in
> the regulation of memory). Animals deprived of sleep eventually die
> from bacterial infections caused by immune suppression. There is also
> the more subtle issue of the effects regular administration of these
> sorts of drugs might have on the synchronization of circadian rhythms
> within the body. It would be an unfortunate to develop something akin
> to Seasonal Affective Disorder from being awake for long periods at a
> stretch.

The mechanism of the eugorics isn't really understood. However, I recall
reading some speculation in a doc on it that it was chemically resetting
some switches and fooling the CNS into thinking it had just woken up from a
proper sleep. Or something like that; it is beyond the scope of my
knowledge or expertise.

-James Rogers

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