Re: A book list for today's renaissance human

From: James Rogers (
Date: Thu Dec 27 2001 - 21:48:07 MST

On 12/27/01 2:09 PM, "Amara Graps" <> wrote:
> Many months ago, I pulled together a list of books that I thought
> might be a good start to help a person to think/be more like a
> renaissance human, but in today's world: so some 'basics' plus more
> ideas to expand one's vision of the universe.
> This list is totally subjective of course, and yes, this list is
> lacking a number of areas (I would next add more philosophy,
> probably starting with Aristotle)

An excellent book not on that list, but which might be very suitable
depending on your interests:

The Evolution of Desire by David Buss

-James Rogers

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