Re: `genetic engineering', not

From: Damien Broderick (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 19:50:49 MST

At 09:00 PM 12/24/01 EST, Alex wrote:

>She an unwanted child that they just had to deal with or get adopted, or
even chopped into easily usable parts and kept in the freezer until another
'Wanted' family member needed a spare part.
> Amazing. I was really shocked, as the media must have been.

I assume you meant to write exactly the opposite: She was *not* an unwanted

In reality, and once this sort of thing becomes common(ish), I suppose
there *will* be a few kids who get conceived and born for purely
instrumental motives, and who have a terrible time as a result. After all,
it happens a lot now. But the psychological impact of one child being the
occasion of a brother or sister's extended life and health is *so*
manifestly positive for all concerned that it makes me wonder what kind of
bleak psychic universe these moaning media handwringers inhabit...

Damien Broderick

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