Re: One humanity, all in the same boat

Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 16:07:16 MST

Getting along, as always needs to be noted, is a two-way street. It meets at
the corner of mutuality and reciprocation. If the future is like Mr. Crocker
has stated, the X-Men Effect ( a much watered-down version of the Marvel
comic saga) will come into play. Can Jimmy-Bob be born again if he has
committed the cardinal sin of cohabiting his God-given flesh with satanic,
inhuman robot-stuff?

My guess is Preacher, Bob Jones, will sayeth neigh! Brothers and Sisters. So
Mr. Crocker's view's need to be heeded on this point. This has been discussed
(a bit) in Hans Moravec's "Robot."

Lee Daniel Crocker aptly, commented:

<<Our present irrational concerns about race will be
wiped out not because we will come together, but because we will
diverge and speciate and migrate to the point where what are now
perceived as "racial" differences will be of less magnitude than
the individual differences we will be able to create. As we grow
apart, it will be all the more important that we learn how to take
advantage of diversity and comparative advantage so that the new
races we become will continue to work effectively toward even
greater diversity and creativity as we expand into the universe.>>

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