Re: One humanity, all in the same boat

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 16:02:26 MST

John Grigg wrote:

> Eliezer, amen to your vision of the future!! I would love to have an intellect equal to you and other extremely bright and educated extropians. Still, I would need years of study to catch up with you, though. But, during that time you would all be continuing to learn, grow and implement enhancing cognitive technologies on a level I could not. So, I would never catch up to you!! I would be a lot further along then I am now... A world where we are all equals in mental capacity just does not seem in any way realistic to me even with a singularity having taken place.

Actually, it is a piece of cake. "All" it would take is
capturing and reloading informaiton and knowledge from mind to
mind. Particularly if the brain is switched to a higher
capacity and perhaps more easily directly interfaced substrate,
this is by no means impossible. Another way it would make no
difference is if minds linked together in a group mind that was
one coherent whole.

> So, despite this disagreement, I like your sentiment for having a world without the glaring deprivation, hatred and inequalities of the present world.
> It would be wonderful to have a planet where humanity has put behind its tribalism. But, if you are an educated person like Mike Lorrey who has suffered from the wonderful new global economy, don't expect an "oh no problem, the future will be just great!" attitude. In Mike's suffering shoes it would not be so easy to be detached about such matters.

But such suffering itself is not necessary if we put our minds
to doing something about it.
> Tomorrow many people will be celebrating the birth of a man who some say was divine and the prince of peace. If so(I believe so), he may be showing up just as things get REALLY interesting down here.

Well, we do get a few Chinese curses(blessings). "May you live
in interesting times." Can't think of any much more

- samantha

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