From: Jacques Du Pasquier (
Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 08:56:02 MST

Max More wrote (23.12.2001/22:22) :
> This compilation of definitions first appeared almost ten years ago, and
> had it's last real update back in 1994. It's about time we updated it!
> The updated version will be linked from ExI's new FAQ, as well as providing
> a useful reference linked from elsewhere on the site.
> I've done a quick edit, removing a few terms that never caught on and
> didn't seem particularly useful. I *know* that there are a whole bunch of
> other terms and their definitions that should be included. I haven't even
> tried to add the obvious ones (such as "extropic art", "singularitarian", etc.)

I think some terms could be dropped without great loss as their use
outside the original post they were found in is unlikely. But maybe it
was found that they were funny or such, so I don't know.

I suggest to drop the following for other reasons :

> EXTRANET: The emerging communications and computation network including the
> Internet as well as mobile wireless devices, telematic devices, private
> networks, and billions of embedded chips with wireless connections. [Max
> More, November 2001]

This has become a common word, meaning something else (a private
network run over the Internet).

> HYPERTEXT: Massively interconnected database providing the ability to track
> information in all directions, notify you of updated information, etc. [Ted
> Nelson]

This has become a common word, too, simply referring to text with hyperlinks.


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