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Date: Mon Dec 24 2001 - 08:34:22 MST

On Sun, 23 Dec 2001 15:18:05 -0500, you wrote:

>I have to confess, some of the discussion on Extropians these days is
>making me feel sick to my stomach. It is enough to make me seriously
>consider leaving, possibly for good, or until someone else informs me that
>the list has made a recovery.

So you can get back to gossip and chitchat, instead of discussing
important issues like how various cultures might influence the future
course of western democracies?

> If Extropy and ExI takes a serious hit from
>the xenophobia

You mean if it hampers their ability to snag consultation fees from
business lobbies for providing justification for further
globalization and immigration?

>Only the most clueless of Singularity gradualists, in severe hard takeoff

Why use the Singulartarian jargon so much?

>There are no "Indians". There are no "Afghani". There are only humans.
>Transhumanism, and Singularitarianism, are basically egalitarian

Is your bank account egalitarian, too?

>There is no reason why the happiness of an
>American computer programmer should weigh more in my calculations than the
>happiness of an Indian computer programmer. They are both the same kind
>of entity. They are both evolved biological organisms.

If you and I buy a house and live in it (oh, the jargon, the
jargon...), can Joe Schmoe down the street come live in it for free?
After all, he is an evolved biological organism....

The problem is that the globalists have conveniently forgotten the
social contract. The American programmer has ancestors who built this
country. He is a citizen and owns this country jointly with the rest
of the American citizens, and he has a right to compete for that job,
His ancestors built this property up from wilderness and willed their
share to him. The globalists, for who EXI, et al, wish to provide
consultation services (read "justification services") wish to
disregard the social contract, and effectively write off social
contract debts. How convenient. That is, however, a form of theft,
and I feel the perpetrators should be brought before a court of

>There is no
>reason why one would have any greater intrinsic worth than the other.
>Humans may spend most of their day dividing into factions and fighting,
>but that doesn't mean the factions are real, it just means that most
>people sadly lack the perspective of species-wide unity which is provided
>by thinking about transhumanity and uploads and AI.
>Well, that's what it's really about. I think it'd be nice if everyone who
>agrees with this reasoning posts a "Me too!", and everyone who disagrees
>with the argument but agrees with the conclusion posts a note saying that
>as well.

Consider it done....

>The people who are new to the list need to see something to
>outweigh some of the poisonous remarks

"poisonous remarks", huh? That's lovely...the globalists go into
theiving mode, commence massive waves of propaganda, and the few
dissenters are demonized.

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