Re: some U.S. observations and notes

From: Smigrodzki, Rafal (SmigrodzkiR@MSX.UPMC.EDU)
Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 11:35:28 MST

From: "Robert J. Bradbury" <>

Trial Balloon: What would be the downside to the requirement that
all individuals applying for a VISA must also provide information
related to the standard DNA polymorphisms used to confirm identity?

### I think it might be easier to gather fingerprints and maybe data on
eyescans - they are robust, essentially impossible to forge, easy to recheck
in the field with immediate results. DNA data takes longer to collect,
unwieldy to administer under low-tech conditions, and more expensive.

The FBI does collect fingerprints from applicants for permanent residency
but they are prevented from keeping this data for long. We need a national
biometric data repository, accessible by all government and private
agencies. Eventually, citizens should be included there as well.

It's all a part of the transparent society.


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