Re: some U.S. observations and notes

Date: Sun Dec 23 2001 - 14:32:19 MST

Mike Lorrey, <>, writes:
> They choose to defend the most eggregious, most offensive, most
> ludicrous cases of free speech: Nazis, Klansmen, Skinheads, while not
> lifting a finger to defend moderately conservative or libertarian
> students at liberal arts colleges and universities against the left-wing
> political witchhunts and everyday bigotry that pervade campus life
> today. The purpose of this bias is to help sow disrespect for civil
> rights in the general population. If the average law abiding citizen
> sees civil rights as only protecting what they view as 'freaks', or
> fringe members of society, and not themselves, then they are far more
> predisposed to support the establishment of the sort of police state
> repressions needed to launch a socialist revolution.

Wow! You're saying that the ACLU is actually *opposed* to civil rights?
And that the reason they defend Nazis and such is to discredit the very
cause that they claim to be working for?

That's amazing. Who all is in on this conspiracy? What about all the
people who donate to the ACLU? Don't they know that the organization
is working to prevent civil rights rather than to support them?


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