Re: some U.S. observations and notes

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Thu Dec 20 2001 - 19:30:37 MST

Mike Lorrey wrote:

lot hinges on who you label "combatants".
> A non-citizen engaged in a conspiracy to aid, abet, give shelter, or
> engage in attacks on our country are 'combatants', and 'illegal
> combatants' at that, since they wear no uniform.

Based on and requiring what level of evidence and proof though?
Surely not simply accusation or suspicion of "knowing

> They made our country a
> combat zone by their attack on civilian targets with hijacked airliners,
> since airliners could be used to attack ANY target here in the US.

Careful. Which "they"? Not all the people round up and held
for sure.

> Because our entire country is now a combat zone, they must live with the
> consequences of their actions. Their actions created this status, thus

Again, which "they".

> every member of their group found within this combat zone is therefore
> an illegal combatant. Because they do not wear a uniform, they try to

Of which group? Having brown skin? Being Muslim and of the
right age and perhaps with an expired visa?

> blend into the law abiding muslim population, they make all muslims
> legitimate targets under the Geneva Conventions. We are demonstrating

Utterly false and terribly wrong-headed.

> incredibly remarkable sensitivity and restraint in the small number of
> the mumlim community we have detained. The Geneva Conventions, read
> literally, DO, in fact, permit us to detain all individuals in the
> country of the nationalities involved in the attacks. The fact that we
> do not demonstrates how civilized we really are.

What country precisely attacked us? It was a terrorist attack.

> Once again, I suggest you read the conventions before you continue to
> make a fool of yourself.

I would rather make a fool of myself for respecting human rights
than make a fool of myself insisting on the letter of the law
and calling others fools if they insist on any more than that.

- samantha

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