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Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 16:35:38 MST

On Sunday 16 December 2001 23:21, wetware bot curious recieved:
> "Chen Yixiong, Eric" wrote:
> > I happened to chance upon the data below and I wonder they
> > have any basis.
> >
> >
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> I think there are more computer attacks simply because there
> are more computers, more connectivity and more people who can
> attack a computer. A hugh percentage of computer attacks in
> the US are from "script kiddies" - kids who have found some
> simple cracking scripts and thing it is amusing to rack up
> points breaking into systems or crashing them. So, no, I
> don't think Al Qaeda is beneath this particular stone. Some
> of the other things in the article may or may not be in this
> particular case. But a real terrorist or cyberwar attack on
> the computational infrastructure would look quite different.
> - samantha

i think more computers are attacked because there is more lousy
software, and less educated hackers is employed.

this is natural consequence of migration of amphetamine-driven
intelectuals to countries where drugs are legal.

we have same problem in poland, with simple script my younger
brother breaked into goverement Social Insurance company
(called ZUS), which provided very big hole... also in users
(forcing to use insecure m$oftware). if he would delete
anything, there would be mess for MONTHS for them not
mentioning that they'll have to confess that their software is
lousy, so he didn't it just because he is polite (and providing
'backdoor' to himself and other people - maybe someone will
think out how to not make mess, but earn money?)

in times when drugs were semi-legal (this means not-illegal,
but not traded on open market, just shared)
there were much more hackers, crackers, coders, etc. than now
(now they sometime give access to their severs or send acid
from amsterdam with 'greetings from free land')
in times of mighty alcohol and chaotic caffeine no serious
coding can be done (not to mention de-legalisation means social
isolation, which is very important for brainstorms)


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