Re: When it rains it pours(GE rich children for high intelligence)

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2001 - 15:42:15 MST

Chris Hibbert wrote:
> Non-member submission from [Chris Hibbert <>]
> On whether the rich get richer when new technologies become available:
> I'd like to underscore Mike Lorrey's point. Nearly all technologies
> trickle down eventually, and as the pace of change has gotten faster, it
> has seemed to me that the trickle down has happened faster as well.

Considering how many of my friends and colleagues are out of
work and not "doing Christmas" at all this year due to the
economy falling apart, I am not so much in a mood to buy
"trickle down" as easily as I used to. At the least it seems
like the basement floods faster than the upper economic stories!

- samantha

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