Re: Fwd: The Geek Syndrome

From: Rafael Anschau (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 17:59:18 MST

>Evolution does not act on individuals, you are probably talking about
>learning/adaptation. Which actually seems to be impaired in some

Isn't evolution responsible for learning/adaptation ? I am aware of
how evolution runs "one pop on the stack" behind us.

>respects in autism - placing autists in social situations does not
>usually make them better, but rather makes them feel worse.

I'm not talking about droping them at social situations. I'm talking about
preparing simulations where they will feel the urge to evolve you mentioned:
"Wow! I have missed something" After that, its all up to them.

>But the real issue is: is mild autism disorders like Asperger something
>we should try to fix in others?

The ethos should be taken into account, but I'm not focusing on it.
My interests are solely biology and evolution, and what they say is possible.
The word fix was a poor choice. A better word, would be
mutate/adapt/evolve/emerge, or simply


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