Re: New website: The Simulation Argument

Date: Wed Dec 12 2001 - 23:45:28 MST

Scerir aptly, quoted:

<<Tom Stonier--[Information and the Internal Structure of the Universe,
    Springer- Verlag, London, 1990]
- information is a basic property of the universe, like matter and energy;
- the information contained by a system is a function of the
  linkages binding simpler, into more complex units; >>

Seems intuitive to Western Intellectual thought, so far! Stonier goes and...

   << - the universe is organized into a hierarchy of information levels;
        - the universe may end up in a state in which all matter and energy
          have been converted into pure information.>>

My Reaction: Wow! Where and How are these information level stored???!!
 They must have "emerged" as a production of natural selection, both
biological and otherwise?
Did Stonier suggest that there is a process that converts matter and energy
into information?

Scerir quoting Shelly Goldstein:

<<Moreover, it would not be at all sensible for a theory to acknowledge that
"any statement about the world has to make reference to observation,''
since Zeilinger's assertion is plainly false. Statements about history are
statements about history books, and statements about dinosaurs are not
statements about fossilized dinosaur bones.>
- Shelly Goldstein >>

Without picking a fight with Anton Zeilinger, I would argue with Goldstein,
that tangentially, statements about History, can certainly be viewed on
whether or not someone's' History Book was indeed, accurate. Or as we say in
Ohio, "where'd you go to school, in Kentucky?" Statements about dinosaurs,
surely, relate to statements about dinosaur fossils. Paleontologists handle
little else but fossilized bones. Occasionally someone outside the field,
like Alvarez, can turn the topic on its ear, by viewing phenomena outside the
box, as he did by studying chemical traces of iridium.

Information and how its manufactured, stored, and distributed, is still my
nagging question, though. I like to believe (against all odds) that
information is somehow physically stored in the universe, somehow. But I
guess that is why pharmaceutical companies make prozac ;-)

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