Re: terrorism, what is and what should never be

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Nov 28 2001 - 07:45:39 MST

>From: "Pat Fallon" <>

>Some thoughts on the subject of terrorism, for what it's worth.

>I think it is very important to understand why we were attacked.
>Understanding why someone attacked you may help you avoid a
>similar situation in the future, for one thing.

<the rest of a long post distilled down to one sentence>

"Give the terrorists what they want and they won't be terrorists

Not going to happen.

We know what the terrorists want, and they are not going to get it.

The first thing they want is for us/U.S to stop supporting Israel,
so they can try/fail again to destroy it, and that is not going to

The rest of your points have already been discussed here ad

Samantha and Olga will agree with you, and the usual suspects will

What the terrorists are going to get is dead.


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