Re: Clones are OK

From: Mike Lorrey (
Date: Sun Nov 25 2001 - 13:13:10 MST

John Clark wrote:
> Contrary to reports you may have hears that all clones are abnormal a recent
> paper from scientists at Advanced Cell Technology report that 24 cows they
> cloned are all perfectly healthy. The article will be in the November 30 issue
> of Science but advance copies are available. Robert P Lanza the lead
> author says " We ran every medical and scientific test that was available
> and everything is perfectly normal". Steen Willadsen another cloning expert
> not involved in this paper comments "at this point it does not seem reasonable
> to maintain that all cloned animals are abnormal".
> Rudolf Jaenisch a biology professor is not convinced because "You have to
> define what normal is". Apparently he has no trouble defining what abnormal
> is because he opines that the cows may have subtle intellectual or emotional
> problems that have not been detected.

Perhaps he is seeking to be named Dean of a new School of Bovine
Psychiatric Studies (ostensibely to be located in either Jersey or
Hereford, CT)

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