Clones are OK

From: John Clark (
Date: Fri Nov 23 2001 - 08:07:35 MST

Contrary to reports you may have hears that all clones are abnormal a recent
paper from scientists at Advanced Cell Technology report that 24 cows they
cloned are all perfectly healthy. The article will be in the November 30 issue
of Science but advance copies are available. Robert P Lanza the lead
author says " We ran every medical and scientific test that was available
and everything is perfectly normal". Steen Willadsen another cloning expert
not involved in this paper comments "at this point it does not seem reasonable
to maintain that all cloned animals are abnormal".

Rudolf Jaenisch a biology professor is not convinced because "You have to
define what normal is". Apparently he has no trouble defining what abnormal
is because he opines that the cows may have subtle intellectual or emotional
problems that have not been detected.

       John K Clark

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