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Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 15:24:06 MST

ofcourse this is wrong and wrong,
artistic behaviour lies rather on chemical blocking of certain
neurotransmitter type. many artists use 'mind expanding' substances to hold
their visions longer - while memory is chemical - reality and response to it
(perception) is electrical (using high frequency pulses, or rather very
precise (up to quantum level) phase shifters)
so to reach good 'transport' ratio they use such drugs.

place which is concerned with behaviour vary. drugs are used to paralise
next transporting (transcoding) autosopher.

as it is with language - art as an language of first _consiouss_ humans with
speech module.

bein in bipolar disorder state of mind - which is indeed misregulation of
sleep and awareness system (one is regulated thru light percieved thru skin,
and europeans wear clothes and use synthetic, dim light). this causes
orientation impossible (like on days which are inproper for a walk or
travel - when heavy clouds are on the sky)
so the whole system goes down to depression.
only few of modern depressed people with mania episodes
(which is hardcore version of this kind of disorder)
induced _that way_ have artistic properties, so this is not the case,
while - indeed - many artist confirmed that mania induced that way is
somewhow creative. unfortunatelly not frequent, and due to lack of
utilizing such propertes is merely impossible.
it is better to stay on drugs, while being mentally ill isn't fun.

> Back to the thread, I think the idea that artists are "in tune" with
> suffering might be due to the correlation between bipolar disorder and
> artistry. My guess is that the suffering per se isn't the important part
> here, but rather the mania. However, I seem to recall other results
> analysing famous artists and their work, and apparently reaching the
> opposite conclusion. Bipolar disorder is likely (IMHO) some form of
> dysregulation of the neuromodulator systems, so strictly speaking it is
> not about the cortex (some personality typing systems try to connect
> personality with neuromodulator levels - c.f. C.R. Cloningers work).
> In any case, there are obviously plenty of great artists who aren't
> depressive in any way. So depression doesn't seem to be necessary for
> art. Maybe it helps by providing wrenching dark hues to the composition.
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