Non-sensory experiences and a Bartley Question

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Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 11:45:06 MST

What about direct stimulation of the brain by EM fields (microwave, sticking one's head in a strong rotating magnetic
field, MRI)? In these cases there is the impression of sensory input. Nothing mystical about it. Then there's signals to
the brain from the enteric nervous system. Is that "sensory"? My guess is that some of it is, and some of it isn't.
Phosphenes are right on the edge.

The nice hard line between "cognitive function" and "sensation" is. or ought to be, subject to pan-critical rational
examination. Speaking of pcr...

ObExtro: Can someone with a good memory of (or access to) both versions advise me on whether the 2nd Ed. of Bartley's
_Retreat to Commitment_ in paperback is worth twice what I paid for the hardcover 1st Ed.? Is the '84 _that_ much better
than the '62? Not that I'll call the Mastercard bullet back... :)


"" wrote:
> From: J. R. Molloy
> >"Non-sensory experiences" sounds (at best) like an oxymoron to me. At worst,
> it sounds like a mis-characterization of cognitive function as a pretext to
> invoke supernaturalism. What do you think?<
> Oxymoron.
> *Disclaimer: Unless the non-sensory experience means that the experience has little or no consequence, is unimportant, or is a nonissue. Yet, if this were the meaning, I'd rather use "low-sensory experience". I don't think any experience can exist without some feel, smell, touch, image or sound. If the experience is a memory occurring in a void, then the mind will still conjure up some sense of feel, smell, touch, image or sound. If the experience is a void within a void, then something has got to recognize the void as an experience, and the act of recognizing it would be connected to some aspect of a sense experience wouldn't it?
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