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From: Leonardo Gonzalez (
Date: Tue Nov 06 2001 - 11:32:57 MST

This reminds me of a passage from the Illuminatus! Trilogy:

  Well, I was young and ignorant of everything outside ten million books
I'd gobbled and guilty-unsure about my imaginative flights away from my
father's realism and of course stoned of course but I finally understood
why he was watching me that way, it was (this part of it) pure Zen,
there was nothing I could do consciously or by volition that would
satisfy him and I had to do exactly that which I could not not do,
namely be Simon Moon. Which led to deciding then and there without any
time to mull it over and rationalize it just what the hell being Simon
Moon or, more precisely SimonMooning, consisted of, and it seemed to be
a matter of wandering through room after room of my brain looking for
the owner and not finding him anywhere, sweat broke out on my forehead,
it was becoming desperate because I was running out of rooms and the
Padre was still watching me.
  "Nobody home," I said finally, sure that the answer wasn't good
  "That's odd," he said. "Who's conducting the search?"

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> ... If the experience is a void within a void,
> then something has got to recognize the void as an
> experience, and the act of recognizing it would be connected
> to some aspect of a sense experience wouldn't it?
> Natasha

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