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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 18:21:36 MDT

OK Ive received a number of notes to package up and send
to Gina Nanogirl Miller, the once and future author of Nanogirl
News, which contained some of the most worthwhile material
posted on extropians. I will be sending those on soon, but I
have a special request: please, ladies of extropians, do write
up a short note for Gina, for I think these would be especially
worthwhile in this care package.

Reasoning: we boys are always schmoozing up the girls. It
is as if we are genetically preprogrammed to do so. The
ladies must grow so weary of our schmoozy ways. But an
encouraging word from the women of extropians would
perhaps have a special sincerity, a purity of friendship, a
significance above the ordinary, a solidarity of sisterhood.

Hey, Ive an idea. If you are a man, write a gina-note and then
get your wife or sweetheart or sister or mother or daughter or
female coworker to write one. If they must know why Gina
is incarcerated, just tell her cars, drugs and poor judgement.
Hell most of us have at some time likely been guilty of these.
Furthermore, Gina's gave up drugs, her judgement has
improved 3 orders of magnitude, and she can forget ever
getting another drivers license.

So ladies, lets see some of that extro-sisterhood thing.
And you guys too, peck up that note and post it
to me offlist at I'll print them out
quicksmart and snail mail them up to her. Thanks! spike

Heres some good Gina links:

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