kickbacks and bribes

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 20:13:41 MDT

It is part of the culture. If I took the bribes for grades I was offered I
could have retired a wealth man. You are talking a state university and
bribes for grades ranges up to the 5 figure levels.

You slap them on the hand and tell them this is just not done in the University.
In reality, a lot did not know that.


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>> (re Bin Laden's goals)
>> > Its an economic
>> >struggle because he views the rulers and their friends as extremely
>> >corrupt having siphoned off a not-so-small fraction of the oil
>> >wealth into their own pockets.
>> Are you sure? He calls them "corrupt" but that doesn't mean the same
>> thing as when you say it. I suspect he means that the royal wives wear
>> skirts when traveling in the West.
>No, he is right (though you are too). There has been an ongoing brouhaha
>over the amount of skimming and kickbacks that occur on projects in the
>Kingdom. Generally it is widely accepted that at least 10-20% of all
>public expenditures are spent on bribes, kickbacks, skimming, and other
>financial peccadillos of the Sauds, the bin Ladens (Usama's brothers),
>and other elite scions of the ruling families in the Kingdom.
>That they get away with such un-muslim activities within the kingdom
>without being struck down by Allah certainly emboldens them to set aside
>proper Wahhabi habits when in the west. Both are part and parcel of the
>same corruption.
>One of the reasons that many saudi scions are pissed at the US presence
>is that part of the deal of our forces being based in the Kingdom
>included a concession that support of US operations would involve no
>kickbacks, bribes, etc. which they think they have a right to.

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