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Date: Mon Oct 15 2001 - 18:11:18 MDT

At 12:15 AM 10/16/2001 +0100, "Steve Nichols" <> wrote:

>My "brand" of post-human philosophy has always stressed
>the priority of the mental over the material .... the world is
>located in experience more than the other way about. Evolution
>is primarily about survival ..... if we can make things better then
>great, but the bottom line is not to endanger our collective and
>individual existence. Delusional systems from the archaic past
>are a direct threat to inhabitants of this planet, and technology
>by itself will not eradicate supernaturalist spouting money-spinning
>institutions such as the Vatican, Mormons, Baptists, Islam &c.

What distinguishes your "posthuman politics" from
primitive/backward human politics? -- which in my
view is characterized by:
(1) Some people using fraud and violence/threat of
violence (coercion) to impose their will upon others;
(2) Sucker-victims hallucinating some of the noises
and scribbles emanating from the mouths and pens
of primitive political cheaters as "the law" (so-called).

See "Clear-Your-Mind Reports"

How is your "posthuman politics" qualitatively different
from primitive/backward Vatican, Mormons, Baptists,
Islam &c?

Frederick Mann

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