Posthuman Politics

From: Steve Nichols (
Date: Sat Oct 13 2001 - 16:07:52 MDT

Yes, it has to happen sooner rather than later ....
human-beens are proving themselves unfit
to run the planet, and we POSTHUMANS
need to organise politically in order to push
forward our radical futurist agenda.
As an evolutionist rather than a revolutionary
philosophy I think it is consistent to work within
the current democratic political framework and
contend ELECTIONS for political power and as
a platform for spreading our message. Why not?
We should retain what is good, workable and progressive
from the old human-era and ADD improvements
or modifications, whilst DEFEATING regressive
forces in the world (such as supernaturalist
religions: Judaism, Xiantity, Islam &c) ... and
always trying to advance the current state or
making it more efficient whilst not making things
I intend to stand for UK parliament in central
London where I am living, and encourage others
to stand on a POSTHUMAN ticket in their own
We are ABOVE human-era race, religion, gender
and politics ... and as such are de facto
INTERNATIONAL from the outset .... not mere
provincial one state parties such as Republicans,
Democrats, New Labour and the rest.
As feedback is received I will knock the site into shape for purposes
of shaping this great endeavour...
"Everyone is potentially posthuman". Let's
make sure that folks all over the planet have
access to more FULL INFORMATION and
facts about Posthuman philosophy ... rather
than just arguing about singularity timescales
or whether we are properly posthuman (as I
contend I am, the trans-human stage happened
during the C20th) or whether 500 more years
is needed. Quite frankly I don't think we have
the luxury of a leisurely timescale or of
endless infighting and internecine squabbles.
Steve Nichols

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