Richard Gott on Art Bell tonight

Date: Fri Oct 05 2001 - 12:29:16 MDT

For the night owls among us, physicist J. Richard Gott will be on the
nationally syndicated Art Bell radio show tonight (10/5-10/6). Gott has
been discussed here in a couple of contexts. First, he is credited as
co-discoverer with Leslie of the Doomsday Paradox, which implies that
the human race is likely to come to an end relatively soon. And second,
he has done work with Li-Xin Li on closed timelike curves leading to
their paper, "Can the Universe Create Itself?". He has a book out on
the topic, Time Travel in Einstein's Universe.

See for affiliated radio stations,
or you can listen to the show online at the web site. It starts at,
let's see, 0500 Saturday morning GMT, and runs for about 6 hours or so.
Usually the guest doesn't come on until after the first hour.


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