Re: Sudden-Reality Shock Syndrome (SRSS)

From: Ralph Lewis (
Date: Wed Oct 03 2001 - 10:34:53 MDT

ROTFLMAO, sound like most of my friends.


At 11:50 PM 10/2/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>The onion is making much more sense than the Washington Post lately.
>Or maybe it always did.
> Laufenberg and other therapists are seeing countless cases of
>Sudden-Reality Shock Syndrome (SRSS), a disorder affecting those
>suddenly and violently re-grounded in the real world. Crisis and
>grief-counseling centers across the nation are offering therapy groups
>for those who need to discuss their newfound inability to care about
>mass-market crapola.
>      According to Iris Huffman, emergency-services director at the New
>York Psychoanalytic Institute, the key to enjoying vapidity again is to
>extract oneself from the hard realities of the world very slowly.
>      "The instinct is to immediately throw yourself back into your
>regular daily routine, but this isn't always best," Huffman said. "Allow
>yourself time for a gradual return to the petty, shallow, meaningless
>little life you led before this horrible tragedy. I'm telling my
>patients: Don't go see Zoolander until you know you're actually ready."
> -Mike

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