Sudden-Reality Shock Syndrome (SRSS)

From: Michael Wiik (
Date: Tue Oct 02 2001 - 21:50:05 MDT

The onion is making much more sense than the Washington Post lately.
Or maybe it always did.

      Laufenberg and other therapists are seeing countless cases of
Sudden-Reality Shock Syndrome (SRSS), a disorder affecting those
suddenly and violently re-grounded in the real world. Crisis and
grief-counseling centers across the nation are offering therapy groups
for those who need to discuss their newfound inability to care about
mass-market crapola.
      According to Iris Huffman, emergency-services director at the New
York Psychoanalytic Institute, the key to enjoying vapidity again is to
extract oneself from the hard realities of the world very slowly.
      "The instinct is to immediately throw yourself back into your
regular daily routine, but this isn't always best," Huffman said. "Allow
yourself time for a gradual return to the petty, shallow, meaningless
little life you led before this horrible tragedy. I'm telling my
patients: Don't go see Zoolander until you know you're actually ready."



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