Re: ExI member renewals and new memberships

Sunah Caroline Cherwin (
Mon, 5 Jul 1999 12:39:31 -0700

>Due to moving ExI's admin around and changing procedures, we're way behind
>on sending out membership renewal reminders. If you know your membership
>has expired, it would really help us if you could renew soon. You can do
>this via the web form at, or by sending your info to me at
> or by calling (310) 398-0375 (and leaving a message on
>the secure machine).
>If you're sending a check, please send it to the old address, since the
>bank deposits are still done down here for now:
>Extropy Institute
>13428 Maxella Avenue, #273
>Marina del Rey, CA

Well, how about if I send this question to the list instead of looking it up on the website, cause that way more people will get the answer all at once...

We are all registering for Extro $ this week if we haven't already, cause the price goes up after this week. A significant percentage of us are not students, have no other discounts, and owe you membership renewal money. This will be a very common situation. So we will want to know the total amount of money to send...$180 for the conference + ? for membership renewal = ?? to the Maxella Avenue address before July 10?