Re: ExI member renewals and new memberships

Max More (
Mon, 05 Jul 1999 21:46:22 -0700

At 12:39 PM 7/5/99 -0700, Sunah wrote:
>>Due to moving ExI's admin around and changing procedures, we're way behind
>>on sending out membership renewal reminders. If you know your membership
>>has expired, it would really help us if you could renew soon. You can do
>>this via the web form at, or by sending your info to me at
>> or by calling (310) 398-0375 (and leaving a message on
>>the secure machine).

Since I sent the note you're quoting, the above number has been superceded. The current number is:


For mailing checks, this is still the correct address:
>>Extropy Institute
>>13428 Maxella Avenue, #273
>>Marina del Rey, CA 90292

>We are all registering for Extro 4 this week if we haven't already, cause
>the price goes up after this week. A significant percentage of us are not
>students, have no other discounts, and owe you membership renewal money.
>This will be a very common situation. So we will want to know the total
>amount of money to send...$180 for the conference + ? for membership
>renewal = ?? to the Maxella Avenue address before July 10?

The rates go up on July 10. All the information is on the website -- registration is $180 up until July 10, then goes up. Membership is $55, as stated on the membership page. Hence, to renew and register, the total would be $235 until July 10. (For full-time students: $90 + $30 = $120)

After July 10, the registration goes up to $205. (Postmarked no later than July 10 will do.)

I trust this is all clear. I'll be happy to answer any other questions.


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