Re: Feasibility of LE Researcher Database?

Max More (
Sat, 03 Jul 1999 17:26:35 -0700

At 07:42 PM 7/3/99 +0000, Rion wrote:
> Create a grassroots 'communication center' for current LE
>researchers, future LE researchers, and other interested parties with
>services/materials they wish to donate (or can provide at non-profit
>rates). Each party would fill in either what they are studying, hope to
>study, or what sort of study they want to support, and the Project
>would put matching parties in contact with each other--sort of like a
>dating service. Everything would be done an individual-by-individual
>basis--I imagine that progress will be most fertile on that level.

This is just the kind of thing that I would like to see follow on from the Biotech Futures (Extro 4) conference. It fits nicely into the info portal plan. It would take some funding to get going, but ExI does intend to pursue post-conference funding so that ideas, information, and activity generated by the event continue after those two days. A center for information on what LE researchers are doing and where would be an obvious component for the part of the portal dedicated to life extension, and a prime candidate for starting off the portal since the conference will focus on this area, along with genetic engineering.


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