Feasibility of LE Researcher Database?

Rion Snow (talishad@hotmail.com)
Sat, 03 Jul 1999 19:42:13 GMT

Here's an idea I've been kicking around, in my desire to help further the progress of LE techniques & technologies w/o (yet!) having the ability to do the technical work myself:

Create a grassroots 'communication center' for current LE researchers, future LE researchers, and other interested parties with services/materials they wish to donate (or can provide at non-profit rates). Each party would fill in either what they are studying, hope to study, or what sort of study they want to support, and the Project would put matching parties in contact with each other--sort of like a dating service. Everything would be done an individual-by-individual basis--I imagine that progress will be most fertile on that level.

It would be private, non-profit, and self-funded. It would act entirely for the benefit of our species' greatest heroes, all current LE scientists. It would be designed as a resource to aid them in searching for individual LE funding, help find the right intern (me!), or anything else that they might find useful (that I am capable of doing).

Has anything like this already been tried (or is in operation now)?

Does anyone foresee any possible stumbling-blocks to such a project? (I'm talking to you, current LE scientists (and potential LE benefactors)!)

[Tentatively:] Would anyone here add such a Project to their web site's links, or perhaps be willing to mirror its forms altogether?

All other criticisms, comments, suggestions, etc. are *welcome*!

For the love of Life!
Rion Langley Snow


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