Re: suicide data (was: Re: Are guns extropian?)
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 06:28:37 -0700 (PDT) wrote:
>Deaths by suicide and self-inflicted injury per 100,000 aged 15-24,

So, what's the relevance of the 15-24 age group and the definition of "self-inflicted injury"? When's a suicide not a "self-inflicted injury"?

The only overall suicide rate comparison data I can find is at:

Unfortunately for some reason my machine can't connect at this moment to get precise figures. The data seems to put the US well below many European countries; oddly, Denmark was particularly bad.

Unfortunately that data is nearly a decade old, but those you gave aren't much better. I know there are more up-to-date figures on the Web somewhere but I didn't bookmark the page and AltaVista can't find it.