Re: Improving Humanity Through an Automated Workforce..

Dwayne (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 19:35:34 +1000

Dan Clemmensen wrote:
> Dwayne wrote:
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> > John Heritage wrote:
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> > > Does anybody here believe there will be a Star Trek future where all we
> > > will have to do is spend time improving ourselves through whatever means
> > > necessary? ie: The idealistic society where all of our food needs,
> > > clothing needs, etc etc are taken care of by educated/intelligent machines
> > > & computers?.
> >
> > Not only do I think it *could* occur, I think it *should* occur.
> Is a "Star Trek future" a future where humans roughly equivlaant to today's
> humans in intelligence live in a world full of extemely high technology? If so
> I consider it a fantasy. A Star Trek level of technology is far more than
> sufficient to permit massive intelligence augmentation. There is no reason
> to believe the resulting intelligences will live as humans do.

Well, hey, I think star ?rek is a remarkably crappy program, so I'm not saying we should live in a strictly "Star Trek" world.

What I am, of course, referring to is the abolition of work, and the transformation of man into homo ludens, with or without transhuman development. With transhumanism would be great, without is still fine by me.