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From: Zero Powers (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2001 - 20:44:01 MDT

>From: James Rogers <>

>Huh? In our system of law, the sins of the father are not visited upon the
>son. If my great-grandfather killed someone and profited by it, you can't
>come after me for the murder.

What does not apply to individuals may in fact apply to corporations and
governments. If Datsun sells a car that is inherently dangerous and then is
acquired by Nissan, there is a very good chance that when my Datsun blows up
and kills my family Nissan will have to pay.

>And if you apply an "ill-gotten gains"
>argument, you will have to quantify precisely how money I earned at my job
>can be directly traced to an ill-gotten gain, since I never inherited
>anything from my great-grandfather other than his name.
>It is as simple as that. If you can directly trace any asset I own as an
>ill-gotten gain from slavery, I suppose I could give it up to the rightful
>owners without a problem. But since I grew up and lived most of my life
>destitute, with everything I own being the result of years of easily
>documented sacrifice and hard work, I think you'll have hard time.

The current national reparations "debate" has not in the slightest focused
on suing *individuals*, regardless of their race or the "sins" of their
particular ancestors. Your argument does not fit the issue under


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