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Short reply. I've already written that reparations to blacks not be in cash
payments, but in making certain that poor black kids get good schooling in
order to help put them on a more equal playing field. Our country's actions
in the past have decimated a substantial portion of black people and have
relegated many to live in a vicious circle of poverty and despair. The
United States prospered due to slavery, so it seems fair and just for the
United States to give up a teensy bit of that prosperity to help out the
descendents of some of those families who gave up their entire lives for
generations (through force) for the sake of the United States.

Each case for reparations is different, and cash handouts is not what I've
ever suggested.

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> > After all, the USA has given reparations for Jews, and to the Japanese.
> The difference in cases where the US has given reparations and where it
> hasn't should be relatively obvious. The US has given reparations where
> there are still legitimate plaintiffs bringing suit against the
> This usually implies that either the victim is still alive, or the
> family that lived during the time of the crime is.
> -James Rogers

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