RE: When Taxation Might be Necessary

From: Reason (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 11:36:56 MDT

> The founding fathers also did not think enough ahead to institute
> mechanisms that would act to limit the growth of government authority,
> like mandating sunset clauses, term limits, as well as preventing
> congressmen from being appointed to the Supreme Court, and preventing
> families of civil servants from establishing bureaucratic dynasties.
> This lack of foresight was inherent in the fact that the founders were
> generally of agrarian extraction, with little experience in the courts
> and bureaucracies of the european governments. They lacked the vision to
> forsee that the US would ever rival the european powers in governmental
> inertia.

Nonsense. Who was it with the revolution every couple of hundred years
quote? The founding fathers of the US had enough sense to know that anything
they did was futile in the long run. At least they kept the initial
consitution pretty simple.

If you can come up with a set of bureaucratic rules that will prevent bloat
of bureaucracy on a timescale of centuries (i.e. will alter the very essence
of human societal nature), I'd like to see them. Ever played Nomic? It's a
very enlightening game that aptly demonstrates politics on fast forward.


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