Re: Bad Financial news for Argentina

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 11:55:15 MDT

>From: Carlos Gonzalia <>

>It's becoming difficult to ascertain all the parties playing the
>current tug-of-war games. Argentine papers have published
>convincing reports that political elements within US Treasury want
>to make an example of Argentina, and will cut all support once
>debt default and financial collapse happen. If this is true, I
>can't imagine a better way to fire up anti-US and
>anti-globalization feelings in a population that already doesn't
>believe in anything much. All local political and economical
>actors are completely discredited in Argentina, and there is
>already hidden (and not so hidden) murmurs about "the need for an
>iron hand", that is a return to authoritarian government.

>So much for people using their heads to deal with the crisis,

I sympathize with your country's plight. I would be interested in
your views as to how it could be resolved.

I would like to recommend an excellent book I am reading "The Lexus
and The Olive Tree" by Thomas Friedman as a place to perhaps gain
a new perspective.


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